1) Calculate your emissions
2) Choose climate actions
3) Go!

Adopt tomorrow’s lifestyle — today.

Carbon Donut makes measuring your impact, taking climate action and discovering emission-reducing solutions easy. Because the planet needs action, and services that mitigate emissions need discovering!

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I’ve learned so much about my emissions and how to reduce them. Gives a better sense of my own impact over time than any other solution I’ve tried!

Measure your climate impact

Calculate your lifestyle carbon emissions to learn where you can make the biggest impact with the lowest effort. Track your progress and see how you contribute to the global climate goals!
Screenshot of Carbon Donut showing the yearly lifestyle CO2 emissions.

Learn and take action

Unlock a treasure of knowledge that helps you make climate-smart decisions, and then, put that knowledge into action with concrete tips on climate actions tailored to your lifestyle. For each action, Carbon Donut shows you how much CO2 emissions you can save by completing it.
Screenshot of Carbon Donut showing a bunch of climate actions as well as potential CO2 savings achievable with each action.

Discover emission-reducing solutions

Find products and services that can help you reduce emissions in the blink of an eye! Complete lessons and log actions to unlock climate-smart deals.

Learn, act, and help grow the businesses that do good at the same time

Brought to you by businesses that want to change the world

Spark Sustainability

Climate start-up Spark Sustainability is the creator of Carbon Donut. Its mission is to enable and inspire people to make climate-friendly choices in everyday life.

“We want to show that climate action isn’t about giving up on things but improving the quality of life. With Carbon Donut, everyone can discover emission-reducing solutions that fit their lifestyle.”

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Ilmatar is a fast-growing Finnish energy company which operates at every single stage of wind power production. The company will build, own, and operate wind farms to increase Finnish wind power generation capacity by 1GW by 2027.

“Knowing which climate actions have the biggest impact, like switching to a renewable electricity contract, helps to reduce personal emissions. Carbon Donut makes discovering those climate actions easy.”

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Gold&Green® Foods

Gold&Green Foods is a cross-cultural food tech company, selling and developing novel, delicious and sustainable plant protein foods. With their smart plant protein Gold&Green Foods makes climate action delicious.

“We want to make sustainable choices as easy and tasty as possible. Joining the launch of Carbon Donut was a natural choice as the app makes climate action just what it should be: easy and inspiring.”

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